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My name is Simone and I’m a sex blogger and the content editor for

Through my writing, I coach women on how they can take their sexuality and turn it into a multi-six figure income.

After seeing how much discontent is out there, how sluggish and weak men have become, and how unsatisfied and frustrated women are becoming…

I’ve decided to release a short-yet-powerful from-her-to-him guide explaining how to properly dominate your wife in bed.

Of course, the hardcore porn most women enjoy watching is nothing more than a fantasy and “camera effects”.

“Real sex” is nothing like you see on the screen.

It’s just adult entertainment.

& women know this.

However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t long for it and it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t give her what she so obviously wants.

(If you don’t believe me, ask your wife she keeps a copy of 50 Shades of Gray on her nightstand)!


  • Introduce any new deviant idea and have her happily and willingly accept. Trust me, she wants you to hurt her sometimes.
  • Get her to admit her most wicked desires she never dared reveal (i.e the dirty things she wants you to do to her).
  • Get her over the fear of being dominated by her husband, which is why she’s reluctant with you.
  • Confidently communicate your intentions and have her accept them willingly.
  • Do the whole “dirty-talking” thing properly (without sounding like a geek and making everything super-uncomfortable).
  • Manhandle her like a true pro both in the bedroom and out. Yes, women enjoy being dominated in life too, not just in the bedroom.
  • Introduce bondage, rope play, and other BDSM elements into your sex game allowing for the mind-blowing sexual adventures she craves.
  • The subtle-yet-powerful art of forced female orgasm denial (and why she will love you for it when you do it right).
  • Safely gag her, choke and degrade and humiliate her sexually (if she’s into the most extreme forms of sexual domination).
  • Your post-sex routine should include, to make her love and trust your dominance even more (thus laying the foundation to do it all again soon – she’ll be begging you for it).
  • and a whole lot more (there’s way way too many powerful ideas and pro-tips to fully mention and explain here).

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