HOW TO FUCK A WOMAN’S BRAINS OUT teaches you how to pet her pretties, part her petals, and nail her to the center of the earth with your cock until she squirts stars and secrets onto the majesty of your bed.

HOW TO FUCK A WOMAN’S BRAINS OUT is not a guide on how to “Find em’ feel em’ fuck em’ and forget ’em.” It’s not a manual on how to “bag weak women with pickup lines and mind tricks”.

HOW TO FUCK A WOMAN’S BRAINS OUT is a stunning BDSM resource and manifesto on finding the perfect willing sex slave (or two), keeping her in your life, and loving the hell out of her – mind, body and soul.

A crucial read for all men, and women, interested in kinky love.


If you are interested in the world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) this book gives you some insights into someone who has obviously spent a lot of time in the BDSM community, and whose sex life is based around its values.

As a result, this book will give you some insights and very practical tips on what to do if you want to develop your life sexually in this direction.

It introduces you into many BDSM concepts, vocabulary, mindsets, typical people you find in its community and so on. Enough to make you feel a lot more at ease with the subject if you are new to it.

Many of the BDSM tips are good, practical, and play on the general psychology of sex. Some would be effective in any sexual relationship, not necessarily just between partners that have mutually consented to get involved in BDSM. They would stimulate healthy sexual development in a relationship. It gave me some more perspectives to look at and add to my own knowledge.

There are many many ideas given on what to do with your woman, the majority of them degrading, humiliating, dominant or kinky to some degree to fit with the BDSM theme.

Another useful part of this book was the contents related to the psychology of sex. Throughout the book you will have Dollie, Thorn Daddy’s partner, relate her feelings about certain techniques and situations.


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