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If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower.

But it’s a superpower we were never taught how to master.

Think about it: most of us spend at least 12 years of our lives in school. But while school is a great way to learn what to learn, it doesn’t teach you how to learn.

After suffering a traumatic brain injury at 5 years old, I struggled to remember and focus and even learned to read 3 years after everyone else. But I survived school because I learned how to game the system. I realized that school tests more for memorization than understanding. So I got really good at regurgitating information – but I couldn’t explain that information to you.

The problem is that our educational system is sorely outdated. When the American education system was first standardized in the 19th century, it was modeled after factories and assembly lines. Children received their education in batches based on their date of manufacture, AKA their date of birth. Things haven’t changed much since.

They say if Benjamin Franklin were alive today, our schools would be the only thing he’d recognize. We have spaceships and electric cars, but our educational vehicle of choice is the horse and buggy.

But there’s good news. You already possess one of the most powerful resources available: your brain.

What if you could focus more, stress less, and sleep better? What if you were able to sift through information overload and pay attention only to the things that matter? What if you always made great decisions and easily solved problems? What if you didn’t have to reach for your phone every time you needed to calculate the tip?

Imagine how much easier your life would be if all the above were true. Now, imagine it were true of everybody in the world. What would that world be like? How amazing would it be?

That world is within our reach. It starts with all of us learning how to master our brains – and I can show you how

I’m not special. I didn’t naturally have these superpowers. They were learned. And if I can learn them, anyone can learn them – regardless of age, background or education.

What You’ll Learn

5 Ways The Super Reading Quest Turns Your Brain Into The Supercomputer It Was Meant To Be

Work Smart

There are two kinds of people in this life: those that work harder and those that work smarter. If you’ve ever put for effort for any part of life that seemed challenging, you know that working smarter yields the best results. The Super Reading Quest opens your brain to its natural capacity to work smarter, so you’re achieving the same results with less effort and less time.

Enhanced Focus

When you’re engaging in a high-stakes or fast activity, your brain zeroes in on that activity alone. This is because you need to focus in order to really perform well. Because the Super Reading Quest uses speed reading as one of its main process, your brain is positioned to exact laser-focus when you’re learning, so that you can extract 100% of the information you’re consuming.

More Creativity

Normally, we only work a fraction of our brains. Even if we use both sides of our brain at once, we usually shutter down other functions in order to make it happen. But in the rare level of neuroplasticity that you unlock in the Super Reading Quest, you’re able to literally stretch your brain’s capacity. Once this happens, your mind starts to create and see more connections than ever before, unfolding near-infinite possibilities in any area you focus on.

Greater Memory

Jim Kwik is the world’s top expert on memory retention. If you’ve ever taken the Superbrain Quest, seen him rapidly memorize 50 strangers’ names at Mindvalley events, or even caught him on TV, you know Jim is the best memory expert around. Jim has woven his memory methods into the Super Reading Quest, so you don’t just become a faster reader — you also retain optimal levels of information.

Better Mental Health

An amazing thing happens when you exercise the brain… it gets sharper. Like any muscle in your body, your brain needs exercise. It demands a workout. The Super Reading Quest will give your brain 21 days of brain workouts that you can learn, practice, and then continue in your daily life. Once your brain is functioning at a higher capacity, you’ll notice daily tasks becoming easier, solutions unfold quicker to you, and you’ll seamlessly improve your brain’s health so that it’s resistant to mental fatigue and illnesses like Alzheimer’s.


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