The difference between a smart person and a wise person is that a smart person knows what to say and a wise person knows whether or not to say it.” — Quote found on the wall of a recreation center office in Berkeley, California.

What’s in it For You?

Absolute power. That’s the bottomline. Imagine the ability to cast devastating spells spun from simple words… and exploiting those words to get what you desire… any desire. Picture yourself striding to a negotiation table and holding the panel spellbound and powerless to your magnetic delivery…. Visualize your friends trailing you for advice, comfort and support… they depend on you… they NEED you… Or imagine gazing into your lover’s eyes, watching them sparkle, as you hear her deep, rhythmic breathing… while you whisper an irresistible proposal…. Stop, right now… and imagine the delicious power coursing down your spine… spawned from your newfound ability to persuade, influence and magnetizeGive me three hours and I’ll show you how to mesmerize anybody, ANYONE and get what you WANT. Guaranteed.Today, you will discover the principles of unstoppable verbal influence.

In less time than it takes to mow your lawn, you will be giddy with delight as you discover breakthrough techniques which easily allow you to:

  • Reap more income

  • Triumph in negotiations

  • Gain instant respect and admiration

  • Mesmerize the opposite sex

  • Resist all rejection Win friends

  • Brutally seize opportunities and

  • Kill off the competition!

You will magically find your social, business and romantic life taking a swift and dizzying change. All for the better. Suddenly, doors and windows of opportunity shall open… at your command! All your needs will be met. Your desires will be satisfied…. to the full At but a whim, you could shape the outcome of any personal relationship. An irresistible human dynamo of charisma… that is your destiny if you absorb all the valuable lessons this book offers. What could such power bring you…? As you sit there, reading these words, and imagining your unbelievable future, you may already notice your breath quickening…

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