Spiritual luminary Juan Pablo Barahona teaches the science of presence

Embody your fullest presence in every moment, and shine brighter for yourself and the people around you

A 15-day program for biohacking your nervous system and mastering the state of Ultra Presence: so you can live in the now, make deeper connections, and create without limits

A program for the person who wants to experience life with greater consciousness and intention.

“I need to be more present.”

If you’re like most busy people, you likely think this all the time.

Like when you’re torn from a family dinner or an outing with friends because you’re thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list.

Or when you’ve just spent an hour mindlessly scrolling through social media, when you should have been working or being productive.

A prominent Harvard University study shows most of us spend half our waking hours living outside of the moment.

But how exactly do you stop letting external pressures and your own negative patterns get the better of you?

And rather than getting frustrated with how hard it can be to just be present – what if you could switch on your fullest presence, as easily as a light switch?

The peak state known as Ultra Presence is the answer: and when you discover how to embody it, you’ll begin to show up in an entirely new, more connected, and more conscious way for yourself and the people around you.

A deep rewiring of your mind and body that elevates Ultra Presence into your natural state

Created by spiritual luminary Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa), the Ultra Presence program combines nervous system biohacking, modern spirituality, and quantum mechanics to elevate your capacity for presence at any given moment.

The result is a level of connection, grounded focus, and inspiration that many spiritual masters take decades to perfect.

In just 15 days, peace and calm will become your default state. You will envision and manifest with greater ease. Your focus and performance at work will reach peak levels. You will heal faster and better. Your relationships will transform for the better. And so much more.

Because as JuanPa says:

“When you are fully present, you embody the full power of the Universe itself.”

What you’ll gain from Ultra Presence

  1. Fully embrace the gifts of every moment

    Your Ultra Presence opens you to more magic moments: from precious time with your partner or children, to productive brainstorms at work, to quiet periods of self-reflection.

  2. Gain crystal clear self-awareness

    By bringing your consciousness fully to the present moment, you gain the ability to see and perceive yourself as you are, love yourself unconditionally, and identify areas for growth.

  3. Achieve peak focus and productivity

    You’ll have greater control over what you want to do, clarity on how to do it best, and no longer wrestle with distractions – so you can get great work done in a fraction of the time.

  4. Erase procrastination and self-sabotage

    By replacing your self-sabotaging patterns with Ultra Presence, you’ll quickly find that efficiency, focus, and discipline come to you far more naturally than putting things off.

  5. Master your flow state

    Need to get in the zone? You’ll enter flow states at the snap of a finger, slow down time, and channel an almost otherworldly level of inspiration, intuition, joy, and creativity into your task.

  6. Solve challenges through creative inspiration

    You’ll gain an uncanny ability to pluck brilliant solutions out of thin air, dispel the illusions clouding your judgment, and see and perceive information others can’t.

  7. Amplify your daily energy and motivation

    You’ll no longer feel the fatigue of being fixated on the past or worrying about the future. Instead, you’ll experience the heightened energy and motivation that comes with being present.

  8. Experience life through your Higher Self

    Your presence is the path to your Higher Self: the version of you who knows what you want, embodies your purpose, and is beautifully connected to everything and everyone around you.

The Curriculum

Explore the Ultra Presence curriculum

In just 15 days, the Ultra Presence program empowers you with mastery of your presence and flow state in your daily life.

You’ll join JuanPa each day for a 15 – 20 minute video lesson that gives you the Quantum Flow tools, mind and soul shifts, and breakthroughs you need to step into a permanent disposition of peak presence: free from the drain of all external noise and chaos.

As you progress through the program, you’ll discover how to channel your presence to elevate each area of life that matters to you: from your work and relationships to your passions and spiritual growth. All with simple tools and techniques that will quickly become as natural to you as breathing.

By the end of the program, Ultra Presence will become your new default state – and your experience of your life and your self will be transformed forever.

The power of presence (Day 1 – 4)

Your journey begins with a deeper understanding of the nature of presence, its remarkable benefits, and how to free your mind from the most common habits and thought patterns that rob you of it. This is your first step to embodying Ultra Presence.

Highlights include:

  • Identifying your presence barriers: take a deeper look at your daily habits and patterns, and discover which seemingly innocent ones are most often blocking your presence.
  • Rewiring your presence mindset: experience a Quantum Flow exercise that triggers a profound identity shift, and reprograms you with a mindset where presence comes naturally.
  • Mindset biohacks for Ultra Presence: from sungazing to grounding to choosing the right time to drink your coffee – these presence biohacks are easy, powerful, and instantly rewarding.
  • And much more.

Rewire your nervous system (Day 5 – 9)

While many might think presence is a matter of willpower, the truth is that your nervous system and how it’s wired plays a tremendous role in your ability to be present and in flow. In Part 2 you’ll discover how to tap into your nervous system, and retune it in line with your new presence mindset.

Highlights include:

  • Nervous system biohacks for Ultra Presence: these include simple and accessible techniques that combine breathwork, cold exposure, and optical nerve activation methods.
  • The science of alchemy for lasting transformation: harness science-based alchemical tools to go even deeper into your nervous system, and optimize your presence on a cellular level.
  • Mastering the energetic core of presence: through JuanPa’s signature approach to energy work, you’ll descend into your energetic core, where you’ll unblock, amplify, and harmonize your energetic signature with the vibration of presence.
  • And much more.

Matching your radiance to a radiant Universe (Day 10 – 15)

With your mindset and nervous system rewired for Ultra Presence, your final step is to tap into a source of power that exists outside of your body. Here you’ll discover how to tap into the quantum field and the synchronicity of life itself to access peak levels of presence and connection with yourself, and everything and everyone around you.

Highlights include:

  • Creating good luck and synchronicities with the radiance of the Universe: by aligning your nervous system with the greater electromagnetic field, you’ll gain the power to call in your best outcomes, and channel peak presence and flow into every moment.
  • Energetic system biohacks for Ultra Presence: from your Chakras to your Kundalini life force, you’ll gain the ability to bring your energetic systems into impeccable flow with the power of the cosmos itself.
  • Radiating presence through your pineal gland: expand your intuition and creation power, amplify your presence, and get in sync with the rhythm of life itself with these advanced pineal gland awakening techniques.
  • And much more.

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