Sara Brewer – Overcome Pornography for Good

You believe you are capable of anything, yet for some reason, porn has been that one thing you can’t seem to get rid of.

It’s time to change that.

You can quit porn for good, you just need to learn the right skills like mindfulness, emotional regulation, thoughtwork, and other habit reformation skills. Let’s shed shame, all-or-nothing, willpower, and other sh*tty mindsets and learn how to quit porn for good. Let’s go.

This is what is possible for you with my help:

  • Overcome Pornography for Good without shame and without willpower.

  • More confidence than ever before in work, family, church, and other areas of your life.

  • No more being afraid of urges and triggering situations like work trips, stress, social media apps, being alone, late nights, disappointments, and other triggers.

  • More loving and authentic relationships with yourself and with others.

  • More love, connection, and trust in your marriage.

  • Less wasted time and more time to do what inspires you.

  • No more shame and hiding because of this habit.

  • Stop self sabotaging, overcomplicating, and giving up early.

  • Deep self love and acceptance.

  • No more being afraid of your sexuality and of sexual urges. Knowing exactly what to do when you feel those urges.

  • No more burn out. Stop the willpower and giving in cycle.

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