Imagine: An explosive vaginal orgasm that doesn’t require a perfect sex partner. An orgasm without exhaustion or convoluted gymnastics. An orgasm that you control. Thanks to Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., this type of sexual fulfillment can now be any woman’s reality. Dr. Keesling has identified the cul-de-sac–an area of extreme sensitivity in the vaginal canal that enables any woman to have a Super Sexual Orgasm! Normally hidden beneath the uterus and just beyond the cervix, the cul-de-sac is so extraordinarily rich in sensitive nerve endings that the slightest contact can trigger a powerful, consuming, instantaneous orgasm.To reveal this secret and bring this ultimate sensation into your sex life, Dr. Keesling has devised a series of simple exercises designed to tighten the PC muscle, lift and flatten the uterus, and expose the usually hidden cul-de-sac. These exercises can work for all women–from the highly orgasmic to the silent majority who have been suffering snoregasms. The cul-de-sac will become a woman’s best-loved secret, for it will allow her to have consistent, euphoric orgasms that she can fully control. Dr. Keesling also includes sensual exercises for women to practice after they have mastered the Super Sexual Orgasm and exercises for couples to practice together, so that women can fully incorporate Super Sexual Orgasm into their lives in a mind-body-spirit approach.


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