Become the ONLY Man She Respects, Desires, and Never Wants to Leave
Whether it’s a revealing conversation or an online dating profile, if you closely observe the language women use you’ll find that what women want in a man is the ability to lead. They want to be with a man who is willing to make decisions, has strong personal boundaries, and knows how to love her like…a man.

In short, a woman wants a man who won’t be pushed around by her or anyone else for that matter; a man with a backbone.

A lot of men these days have difficulty accepting the truth that many women prefer to be with a man who isn’t afraid to stand up to them, who challenges them, and who refuses to be pushed around when a woman tests him. And this is especially true of women who seek a more traditional male-female gender role dynamic in their romantic relationships.

How to Understand Women and How They Test For Mature Masculinity
Men around the world have no idea that the women they know and love are testing them. These men go about their lives interacting with the opposite sex in absolute darkness, ignorant to the fact that they’re being judged, appraised, approved, and rejected based on their subconscious reactions to female testing.

If you had no idea that women test men and why they have to, you’re about to take a journey onto a road less traveled – the murkier side of feminine and masculine gender-dynamics.

Discover How to Pass Her Tests, Earn Her Respect, and Deepen Her Desire
Some women would never admit this but what they want is a man who knows how to walk that thin line between caring, thoughtful lover and firm, assertive leader. The man who masters the art of being the perfect gentleman and a strong alpha male is the ideal specimen to a high-quality woman.

If you’re dating, married, or in a long-term relationship and women constantly lose interest in you, nag you, create drama, challenge you, belittle you, or manipulate you, it’s time to reinforce your personal boundaries and pass their tests.

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside:
How to be radically honest with a woman and why this makes her MORE attracted to you. The reason why women test men CONSISTENTLY and how to use this knowledge to get what you want in a relationship. (Hint: This is the key to female psychology and how women think.) How to become the confident, self-assured man that a high-quality woman NATURALLY submits to. The answer to the question “What women want in a man?” and how to give it to them How to make a woman happy without becoming a complete doormat of a man. How to act with tact, poise, and confidence in social situations when a woman blatantly disrespects you. How to be firm and say “No” to the woman you love without destroying intimacy. The secrets to earning (and KEEPING) a woman’s respect by doing the ONE thing MOST men are deathly afraid of doing. How to avoid unnecessary arguments, fights, and drama with a woman by using a simple communication technique. The best way to secretly test a woman’s level of romantic interest in you (as well as her emotional maturity) before making a long-term commitment. How to stop living in fear of what a woman might think, say, or do if she disagrees with or disapproves of you in any way.

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