Sex Signals – Signs of Female Attraction Signs She’s Interested In You

A Comprehensive Video Guide on Female Attraction, Flirting Behavior, and Psychology that will Open Your Eyes to All the Subtle Hints Women are Already Dropping for You… Women are constantly giving these hints but only “1 in 31” men are aware of these signals. This video guide will give you an advantage over all the other clueless men.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you feel like your dating life could be better. More abundant or higher quality. Or both.

Maybe you get dates and even girlfriends, but they don’t tend to be the women that REALLY excite you. To one degree or another, you feel like you’re settling.

Maybe you feel like your dating life hinges on “luck” too often…

-Like you have to wait for that lucky “perfect moment” to bump into or start a conversation with a girl you like…much less have it actually go somewhere.

-Like good dates and sex are so few and far between, it feels like hitting the jackpot…maybe sometimes that luck-factor might even make you so nervous when you finally have a good connection with a girl that you just mess it up and lose her.

Or maybe you don’t have much of a dating life at all right now and you think women just don’t like you.

Wherever you fall along that spectrum, you’re not alone – FAR from it – and way more women are dropping hints or outright flirting WITH YOU (yes, you!) throughout your daily life than you’re aware of.

Don’t believe me?

Social Psychologist Tim Perper did a study that revealed only 1 in 31 men can pick up on women’s subtle hints and signals that they’re interested in or flirting with a man.

1 in 31!

That echoes what I see in my new live coaching clients – and when I’m just casually observing people in my own life – ALL. THE. TIME.

When you understand the game being played around you, it’s truly painful to watch men miss out on this stuff!

Most men are totally CLUELESS when it comes to anything but the most blatant, forward flirtations from women.

But most of the time, women don’t like to just throw themselves all over guys. They like to be subtle. They like it to be a fun “dance” of emotions and hints.

They like men to be men, to be emotionally intelligent enough to pick up on the signs, and be bold and self-assured enough to take the lead and make the first move.

That’s why I got together with Yazz, one of our models, and created…

…The FEARLESS Man Sex Signals is a proven, in-depth video guide that reveals and teaches you to pick up on the MANY hints and signals women are constantly putting out so that you can be the 1 in 31 and start to flirt with women – with confidence – anywhere and everywhere.

I combine lots of research on social psychology, my own experience transforming my dating life and now my years as a men’s coach, along with Yazz’s female insight and experiences, as we demo and discuss nearly 30 Sex Signals – all their intricacies and specifics so you’re aware of them, you fully understand them, and you can start leveraging them…immediately.

Once you watch The FEARLESS Man Sex Signals, you’ll have the knowledge and awareness to:

  • Catch women checking you out (in many different settings)

  • Talk to women and flirt with confidence

  • Know when she wants you to come talk to her…and when she doesn’t

  • Notice when she’s trying to get your attention

  • Know how “close encounters” like hugging, and seemingly meaningless moments of physical contact subtly change when she’s attracted to you vs. seeing you as “just a friend”

  • Realize when a girl’s flirting with you – from afar, and in conversation

  • Catch women being sexual and getting turned on everywhere!

  • Know when women are begging you to flirt back and take control

  • Understand female psychology better overall

The FEARLESS Man Sex Signals will totally shift your reality, and the bonus video will hyperboost that.

Here’s what you Learn:

  • CRUCIAL subtleties of women’s turn-ons and turn-offs

  • Women’s psyches from the perspective of three very different female personalities

  • Important things you’ve got to get right when first meeting women

  • Why the same basic “getting to know you” questions work for some guys but not others

  • Why your looks and bank account really don’t matter much

  • A short, heavy-set FEARLESS client who’s killing it with beautiful LA women…and how he attracts these hotties

  • Why it’s not about what you say

  • What Confidence looks like & how women pick up on it instantaneously from afar

  • How attracting women is really all about connecting emotionally

  • How to know if she’s actually nervous (vs bored or not attracted to you)

  • Vocal tonality and how much this can tell you about a woman’s attraction to you

  • Your biggest challenge moving forward

  • More extreme subtleties and even more sex signals!


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