David and our guests give you the power to create incredible, addictive sexual experiences and relationships.

01 – Introduction

Dr. David Tian jumps right into the thick of it – the stages of sexual relationships, the path to confidence, and masculine independence.

02 – Personality Conditioning

In this highly-controversial lecture, David shares his techniques for conditioning a person’s personality to adopt to your expectations. Use with caution.

03 – On Love

What’s love got to do with sex and relationships? In this shocking chapter, David will flip your understanding of love upside down, giving you more power and independence.

04 – On Relationships

Why would women want one-night-stands, and what kind of relationship do you want? David shares another shocking set of revelations in this chapter.

05 – David Wygant

Our friend, and world-renowned dating coach David Wygant joins us to talk about the mindset of a seductive man… and shares a mantra for the ages.

06 – Adam Lyons

Master dating coach Adam Lyons joins us and pulls no punches, revealing a technique that will blow your mind… as well as a very special surprise at the end.

07 – Hypnotica

The legendary Hypnotica joins us to reveal the mindset of a dominant man, how to create unique sexual experiences, and a panopoly of techniques that you’ve never heard before.

08 – The Techniques

It’s been a long day, and David closes it off with a final selection of amazing, addictive sexual techniques.

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