Everything society tells us about attracting women is completely wrong. Think and Get Laid changes that.

Think and Get Laid gets to the very core of instinctive attraction, past all the misleading fluff that society and the mainstream media tell us.

Broken down into simple components, filled with clear examples, and backed up by countless studies, Think and Get Laid will guide you out of the false beliefs hurting your success with women and show you what women are biologically wired to find attractive.

Men today lack success with women because they simply do not know or understand what women are attracted to.

Unlike conventional dating advice, Think and Get Laid focuses on natural attraction and what causes attraction on an instinctive level. Not on what women claim they want (“I just want a nice guy!”) or what males in general believe women want (“Women only want men with money and cars!”).

The focus on natural attraction means that what you learn works on all women in all situations, no matter age, nationality or the type of relationship you want. What you learn in Think and Get Laid is universal.

Women don’t choose to feel attraction. Attraction is not a choice, and Think and Get Laid reveals what all women are naturally hardwired to respond to.

The keys essential to unlocking female attraction revealed in this book are so universal that they’ll work amazingly whether you want an impressive string of one night stands, true love, abundant casual sex without commitment, or just a sexy girlfriend.

Inside, you’ll find no fake, gimmicky, manipulative tricks, lines or routines, only the powerful psychology of attraction that you can use to dramatically upgrade your love life today.

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