TOUCH ME THERE! A HANDS-ON GUIDE TO YOUR ORGASMIC HOT SPOTS is the first book to focus exclusively on all of the body’s titillating erogenous zones, offering lovers a new realm of sexual exploration and experience. Sexologist and sex comumnist Yvonne K. Fulbright gives readers of all sexual orientations a guided tour of the male and female body’s wild attractions and explains how to maximize pleasure from head to toe.

Contents include a variety of sex acts (including foreplay and positions), sexual enhancers and toys, fantasy, and exercises (e.g., kegels) for becoming more orgasmic and sexually satisfied.

The book contains 4 sections:
1. her orgasmic hot spots — clit, G-Spot, A-Spot, urethra, cervex & labia
2. his orgasmic spots — the frenulum, corona, foreskin, prostate, perenium, testicles
3. mindblowing spots on both sexes — breasts, head, torso, anus, hands & feet
4. sexual positions and enhancements for better stimulating your hot spots — sex toys, etc.

All four sections:
** show you how to find mother nature’s often hidden treasures & maximize pleasure
** offer you a plethora of sex facts and tips
** provide you with techniques & fresh ideas on how to use and/or stimulate each area effectively
** enable you to become a better communicator and lover
** release you from any notions of what you “can’t” do
** build intimacy with both the self and with a lover

Delivered in an informative, but playful, tone, the book beholds the body as full of wonder, to discover or rediscover. Information is delivered thoroughly, yet not too in-depth, helping readers to easily grasp the basics needed to happily engage in “how to” instructions. Attractive visuals secure this work as an irresistible sell.

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