Acquire new practices to activate, energize, and empower six pairs of Yin and Yang organs, culminating in a practice featuring all 12 meridians — to improve the circulation of your energy for optimally healthy, holistic, and integrated wellbeing.

In this 9-week transformational journey, Robert will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to open all your meridians to access unlimited energy, focus, and potential.

During this 9-week course, you’ll discover:

  • Wisdom teachings and practices to explore 6 pairs of Yin and Yang organs

  • How to empower and balance your body and mind by embracing the opposite emotions associated with each pair of Yin and Yang organs

  • Chanting exercises to activate, vibrate, and empower each pair of Yin and Yang organs

  • SongKongTong chanting/pressing techniques to open yourself to divine energy

  • A guided practice featuring all 12 meridians to experience a full circulation of your energy flow

  • The foundations of the ZiWuLiuZhu theory, your inner rhythm’s energy flow combined with natural phenomena

  • How each meridian is linked together through Yin and Yang

  • Which hours of the day and which seasons of the year are the peak energetic times for specific organs and meridians

  • And much more

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